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Communicating to Sell Course

Duration: 6 sessions of 90 mins

Cost: £ 2,000 

Our communicating to sell course consists out of 6 effective lessons. Throughout the course we teach you how to become confident in being able to sell in any situation by mastering techniques and learning to control the conversation. You will learn how to sell yourself in personal, professional and career situations. 

We dig deep into:

  • The basics of selling. 

  • Controlling the conversation. 

  • Using the right tonality and powerful questions.

  • Your relationship with the client. 

  • Creating bespoke script.

If you:

  • are an individual who works in sales and want to improve your skill

  • are a sales team who, as a group want to improve your sales skills

  • want to progress your career by selling yourself either within your organisation or to a new organisation

  • are a business owner who wants to sell your own product or services to grow your business but lack confidence in the sales aspect of your business


Then this course is perfect for you!

Interested? We would love to hear from you. 

Fill in the form below and get in touch for more information and pricing.

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