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5 unforgettable last minute gifts you can give someone this Christmas

Need a last minute present because your package has been delayed? Or do you simply fancy giving more this Christmas? Then this post is written just for you!

1. Let your family know that you're happy to be in their presence or remind them of how much you miss them if you can't be

Christmas get-togethers can be rather stressful and all people need to hear sometimes is that someone is happy that they’re present. During these times where some of us are spending Christmas isolated, it’s also nice to let people know that you miss them. Pick up the phone and give someone a call. You never know the difference it might be!

2. Let your loved ones know you are proud of them for surviving this year

This year hasn’t been easy and a lot of people may feel like they haven’t accomplished anything this year. It may feel silly to randomly tell somebody that you’re proud of them, but we are all really strong for making it through this rocky year and we deserve to be told. If you think about how you would feel if somebody told you they are proud of you, a warm feeling probably arises in your chest.

3. Defend someone if their rights are debated at the table

Christmas dinners are often the perfect place for political debates, which can make it very exhausting for people whose rights are seen as up for debate. You can make a huge difference, simply by sticking up for them. It will mean a lot to somebody, knowing that there is someone who has their back.

4. Make sure the people you are surrounded with feel heard. Listen to them..

A common occurrence at Christmas gatherings is people talking over each other but no one really listening. Make it known that you pay attention to what someone is saying, ask questions and listen to their stories. Show people that you care. In the end, there’s nothing more precious than knowing you are loved and listened to.

5. Gift somebody a training they could really benefit from.. with a discount!

Life has it’s challenges. With 2021 around the corner people might feel pressured and rushed to set new goals and resolutions. But where do they start? Help your loved ones get ahead and let them know we offer 20% discount on all our courses and trainings until the 31st of December!


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