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How to set personal goals during a pandemic

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

In 2020 we saw our lives being reshaped by a pandemic, and we have had to make some major adjustments in how we go about our days. While we are waiting for the situation to improve, it can be hard to keep our heads up and find motivation to keep working on our personal growth.

With the temperature dropping, being outdoors becoming less appealing and still no clear sight of when this pandemic will end, it is even more likely you’ll feel demotivated and despondent. Here are a couple of tips of how to get ahead in trying times like this:

1. Start your day naming three things you’re grateful for

Starting your day with naming three things you’re grateful for gives a positive twist to the start of your day. Focusing on what you’re thankful for rather than only focusing on the negatives.

2. Set small daily goals

It is important to remember that we aren’t going through normal times and that it makes perfectly sense if your productivity isn’t at its peak right now. Know that that’s okay. Setting daily goals is something that can help with making your day as productive as possible. However, keep them realistic. In times of uncertainty and adversity, it is difficult to set long term goals. So try scaling it down, set out manageable tasks for the day. Having an idea of what you’re going to do will help you stay driven and get as much out of yourself as possible. Don’t give up when your daily goal hasn’t been accomplished at the end of a day, but simply look ahead at the next day and how you can make the task easier and smaller.

3. Plan in time for relaxation

During this weird time, we are limited to finding ways to wind down in the space of our own home. Being able to switch off is necessary to prevent burning out. If you’re working from home, it might be harder than ever now to turn work off and turn to yourself. But separating work and personal life is essential for your well-being. It is important to plan time for yourself where you step away from your day to day tasks and lean back. Figure out what relaxation techniques work for you: you could start learning about mindfulness or put your phone away and read a good book.

4. Do one thing that brings you joy every day

Studies show that pursuing passions outside your work can have benefits for your personal life and your career. Your extra time at home right now is a perfect opportunity to find something that brings you joy or purpose, whether it’s an old hobby you pick up or something entirely new. Play an instrument, paint, pull out your favorite video game, start a novel, try a new recipe, sign up for a course on a subject you like: anything that lights a spark in you.

5. Stay virtually connected with your friends

Social distancing can be the hardest part of this pandemic, especially for people who enjoy the social aspect of getting together. With the possibility of hanging out in person gone, you may feel a bit isolated, and that feeling isn’t beneficial when trying to make your days as bright as possible.

Right now it is even more important to let your loved ones know you love and value them and to push yourself to stay in contact. Organize a virtual night together, there are many creative ways in which you can still have a fun night with your friends; netflix parties, game nights, a lot is possible in this day and age. It may feel like it won’t be the same, but at the end of it you will probably look back and be happy you spend some quality time together regardless.

Remember that even though the covid situation might seem endless right now, it will pass and instead of looking at what opportunities we don’t have right now, we might as well make the most out of what we do have!


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